"Thomas gave us a plan to help us boost our credit so we could get into a position to be able to even start the process to buy a house.."

Treashun L.


"I feel much better now that I came to USA Homeownership Foundation based on the fact that there was no cost and I am in a position to go on and pay my house payment at a manageable rate now. I feel much more successful than before I started on my own."

David H.


"I would recommend USA Homeownership Foundation to anybody. In my case it saved my home."

George C.


"Since we moved into the house, my credit score has improved. We are able to save money due to this program and things just started moving in the right track."


U.S. Army Veteran

"VAREP has opened up a lot of doors of opportunity for me and I hope that they can do that for many Veterans in the future."


U.S. Army Sergeant

"My life has changed drastically since we moved in this house. It’s been somewhat of a one blessing after another after another. My savings have increased drastically, I have been able to pay so much off on my credit. Since we’ve been here, it’s made us all very happy."


U.S. Army Veteran

"VAREP says YES to their Veterans. They say YES we can and they say YES we will. I actually experience the power of VAREP for myself. Call VAREP, they will show you and they will guide you."


U.S. Army Veteran

"They were always a step ahead of the loan process. It was good feeling knowing that we were prepared for the process."


U.S. Air Force

"Before we met Oscar at VAREP, our experience was a lot of people didn’t understand Veterans and how to do VA Loans. The one thing that really struck me on the first day, VAREP made sure I would be financially stable."


U.S. Army Veteran

"Other Veterans need to become more aware of VAREP. They go out of their way to help you, to assist you in every form. Even to painting a house and help moving. They are such a great organization."


U.S. Army Veteran

"When I got hooked up with the VAREP team, the load was tremendously lightened. You all seem to have taken the ball and ran with it. All of the information was readily there through your teams resources. I just think it’s a wonderful program, it helped me."


USA Homeownership Foundation